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Latest News from CheerMusicPro

2 New Albums for 2023!

  • CheerMusicPro Releases 2 All-New Albums in March, 2023

CheerMusicPro (Patrick Avard) has surprised fans with the official release of two all-new, high-octane albums: “Been Winning” and “From the Start.

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CheerMusicPro Earns Gold

  • CheerMusicPro Earns Gold Record for Medaling Cheer Songs

Producing hit songs for teams as CheerMusicPro, Patrick Avard's custom tracks help seven teams become world champions...

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Congrats 2021 Worlds Teams!

  • CheerMusicPro Congratulates 2021 USASF Worlds Teams

Patrick Avard - competitive cheer's most sought-after music producer and the artist behind CheerMusicPro - is happy to congratulate all participants and winning teams in the 2021 USASF Cheerleading Worlds.

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Patrick Avard shares 3 tips for 2021 Season!

  • Cheerleading Music Producer Patrick Avard Shares Top Three Tips for Teams Ahead of 2021 Season Finals

Ahead of competitive cheerleading's final contests for the 2021 season, the sport's most sought-after music producer Patrick Avard (CheerMusicPro) is offering teams his unique tips for how they can perform at peak levels. Patrick Avard advocates for time-proven performance strategies such as repetitive drilling, adopting a proactive mindset, and more to help teams reach their full potential.

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2 New Albums for 2021!

  • CheerMusicPro Releases 2 All-New Albums in February, 2021

Kicking the new year off with a bang, competitive cheerleading's most sought-after music producer CheerMusicPro is today announcing the release of his latest commercial album “No Boys No Problem” - with plans to release a second album on February 8th.

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Streaming Milestone!

  • 2 Million Views is a Big One

CheerMusicPro (Patrick Avard), a leader in cheer music production, has now been streamed more than two million times on its Spotify platform.

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  • CheerMusicPro Congratulates 2021 MAJORS Champs

Competitive cheer's leading music producer Patrick Avard (CheerMusicPro) extends a formal congratulations to the 2021 Champions at this year's MAJORS all-star competition.

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